Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Will Call Him Eernie, and he Will Be Mine

I want a bulldog please. A fat, slobbery, lazy, wrinkly but cuddly and adorable in that oh so ugly way, bulldog. And I’m going to name him Eernie (I haven’t quite figured out how I’d like to spell his name yet). Oh, and I stole that name. I totally didn’t come up with it. But it’s cute right?! I mean tough, because bulldogs are tough, not cute.

But mine will be cute.

Unfortunatley Eernie is going to cost me about $3000, and my current financial situation just doesn’t leave much room for that kind of expense. BUT, my 25th birthday is coming up and that’s a pretty big milestone! So I think all of my friends and family should get together and pitch in, and buy me Eernie.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

So you totally ditch out on the 2 pugs, but you can go get a new dog? Nice.

Krista said...

Is anonymous being mean? That doesn't sound so friendly.

In other news, I think Eernie (Ernie?) is cute, and if I had a million dollars, I'd donate $3,000 for your cause.

Christi said...


As for the anonymous comments, they show up from time to time, alway with the intent of ridiculing something. I've developed a thick skin =) It's fine.

Michael Manning said...

Hey Christi: That's a lot of bucks. Is the ASPCA an option? I have found them to be great places to adopt a dog you will love.

Christi said...

The ASPCA is definitley an option Michael. And I would probably go that route if I were to get another dog. I'm not really going to buy a Bull Dog. I don't have the time for one right now. Plus, as soon as I am able to have a dog again, the pugs are coming back to live with me and I most definitley can't handle having three dogs =)

I was just dreaming, that's all.