Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm a Social Outcast

I hate coming to work the day after American Idol. In fact, I hate any social interaction anywhere the day after American Idol. Actually, I hate the day after Grays Anatomy as well. Why? Because I don’t watch these shows and as a result, I am left out of many conversations! It’s irritating when the first thing out of many people’s mouth’s when you enter the office is: “Did you watch Gray’s last night?” or “Aren’t you annoyed that Sanjaya is STILL on Idol?!” My response to both of these questions is always, “no” and I have to laugh at the looks of horror I receive when people realize what I freak I am. Yes, that’s right people, last night I chose to do some work, converse with Tara, and eat some food instead of watching American Idol…banish me now.

I realize I could probably invest in some Ti-Vo, record these beloved shows, and watch them when I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time, but then I would just be succumbing to peer pressure, and my 5th grade science teacher told me that was bad…and that I would die. Crazy nuns!

Plus, if any of you remember the episode where Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. takes up smoking simply so she can join in company gossip…nothing good comes from it. At least, I don’t think anything does, so I vow to stick to my guns, and not watch these shows. Maybe they should just bring back Pop Up Video and we can all watch that instead.

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Michael Manning said...

Christi: I agree! I have an elderly aunt who loves American Idol! I stopped by for dinner with her and saw it for the first time!!Can you believe it? I have a funny feeling that what happened to Don Imus will eventually happen to Simon Cowell. That guy can be so cruel to people. Stick with your guns! :)