Thursday, July 27, 2006

Congratulations Jessica and Scott

Last Saturday, July 22, I laid witness to the beautiful exchanging of vows between Jessica McKeen and Scott Bailey. It was a beautiful ceremony, my first time at an outside wedding, and it was a wonderful and intimate experience.

Some of my favorite parts of their wedding:

The gorgeous ceremony site!
Gary's beautiful flower arrangements
Watching Jessica walk up the stairs and standing at the foot of the isle with her dad
Seeing Scott cry as he watches Jessica walk the isle
Lets face dress.
The wind in the hair of the bridesmaids standing at the front of the pavillion

SUPER strong Bacardi/Cranberries at Crossroads bar in Elkhorn

The full mugs of beer in the wedding party's hands as they exited their massive limo
Crawling under Jessica's dress to help her with the bustle
The cookie favors on our tables
Tippy Cup and drinking games during the reception

Falling over while taking a picture with Jess
Watching my dad get hit on
Dancing the night away

Taco Bell


Amanda said...

Looks beautiful! Where was the ceremony held?

Christi said...

It was held on her family's farm. Actually, on the land of the family that owns the land, her family farms...does that make sense? It was an unbelievably gorgeous ceremony, probably the most beautiful I've ever been to..seriously. Just the view, and the weather, and the was all just perfect. I loved it. I am SO getting married outside =)

Erin said...

Awww, it looks like they had a beautiful day!!

I love weddings. :)

Michael Manning said...

Christi: Did you knoiw that Regis Philbin's marriage took place at Forestlawn Cemetary in Los Angeles. I thought this was weird, until I found out that many weddings take place there. Nice to stop by! Have a great week!!!