Thursday, November 29, 2007

Romo Vs. Favre - Who Do I Chose?

In my dear hometown of Burlington, WI there is a silent stillness in the air as the local bars begin their preparations for the Big Game tonight. Packer memorabilia hangs in doorways and on big sprawling bar windows, and the evening's drink specials are displayed prominently on large hanging banners. Green and gold is splattered throughout the 10,000 person city as it's residents anticipate the coming game that will determine their placement in the upcoming playoff games. What your blind eye won't see as you drive through this quaint little town this morning, is the utter confusion and distraught that many of it's residents hold as they struggle with one simple, game destroying matter.


Tony Romo. That adorable big eared kid that many of us (including myself) went to high school with and watched take our Demons to...non-impressive wins, but none-the-less...was there. Tony Romo. The star basketball player, star golfer, and every coach's pride and joy. Tony Romo. The small town Burlington, WI resident who left here when he was 18, and never came back. Tony Romo. The $67.5 Million Dollar starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys...the team our small town Wisconsin needs to beat to keep home field advantage. Tony Romo. Burlington's sweetheart.

So who do you root for? The man who put Burlington on the map, and whom we've all been rooting for since he was a 15 year old Freshman? Or do you finally hope to see Tony Romo lose for once...and stick with your beloved Packers.

Okay clearly we're in Packer Country up here so it'll be the Pack all the way. But you can't help but want to see Romo do matter how much you love the Packers!!


Derek said...

Tough game last night.

Agreed, I cheer for Romo but it's the Pack all the way!

Sarah said...

I wanted to note that Romo DID come back, and does come back to Burlington, regularly making appearances at summer athletic camps and basketball games. I just didn't want anyone to think he was one of those a-hole guys who doesn't know where he came from ;-)

Christi said...

She's right everyone. He does come back very often and is still VERY active in the Burlington Athletic community. Hopefully his new multi-million dollar contract won't change that!

I hear he's spending some time with Jessica Simpson lately. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have HER grace the Burlington streets just like Carrie Underwood did =)

Karen said...

Do we really want to see Jessica Simpson?

Michael Manning said...

I root for YOU! :)

Michael Manning said...

Christi: You rule over Jessica Simpson. No, I'm not into football as much as basketball or baseball. I DO love winter sports and my fav there is bobsleddding. I'd make a great driver!

Michael Manning said...

Christi: Wishing you a very special Merry Christmas! :)