Sunday, November 04, 2007

Little White Magnets

I have officially become slightly obsessed with the new Southeastern Wisconsin Radio Station contest being put on by KissFM. What does it entail? Magnets.

I know doesn't sound too interesting right? Well you're right, it's not really. But when the idea of a white magnet, being placed around the state that SOMEWHERE carries free gas for a year, I become a little excited. And I must admit it's not the free gas that makes me excited. It's the stupid little white magnet. And I would be ecstatic if I ever found one.

So now, when I'm driving, I'm not paying attention. I don't see stop lights, or stop signs, or people crossing the street. Instead, I see metal guard rails, and metal street signs, and metal electrical boxes and every time I see one, I stop paying attention to what I'm doing...and scout for a stupid white magnet.

It's sad, but I'm bound and determined to find it. And when I do, I'll post about it, and you can all basque in my excitement. And maybe as an added perk to it all...I'll have won a years worth of free gas. Because lets face it, I commute two hours every single day for work and I could probably use the free gas.

Even more than the free magnet.


Jessie said...

I have been doing that too! If I'm not listening to the station it will drift out of my mind, but when I switch it over there I find myself looking EVERYWHERE for one of those damn magnets.

You need it more than I do, but good luck to both of us!

OC said...

How funny! I'll be in MKE for the first half of next week - watch out, I'll be on the lookout for that other free gas magnet as well!

OC said...

Crap. I just read the rules and you have to be a WI resident. If I find it, I'll give it to you. :)

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Michael Manning said...

Christi: How I relate. When I was a TV Helicopter Reporter I drove 88miles a day round-trip working split shifts. Enjoy your weekend!!! :)