Monday, August 20, 2007

Sturgis Bike Rally - 2007

Okay, I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long. For some reason I just can’t seem to find the time to update this blog lately!!! Work is crazy busy and I don’t have internet yet at home so I have to try and fit it in between projects and traveling and….

No excuses, I’m sorry.

My two weeks at Sturgis Bike Week were awesome. I got a chance to go on a 14 hour bike ride through South Dakota where I saw Mount Rushmore, Custer National Park, Deadwood and of course, Sturgis itself. I never envisioned South Dakota to be so gorgeous. It makes me very excited for next year’s rally. Hopefully by then I’ll have my own bike and I can ride out myself.

At Mount Rushmore

This is the buffalo that almost ate me. It was literally 10 feet away from me.

Driving down Needles Highway.

Okay, so I don't REALLY ride, but it was fun to pretend.

Harley employees definitley know how to have a good time

Other than that, since I’ve been back I’ve been settling into my new apartment. Everything is unpacked and put into its respective place and I’m just now starting to compile a list of everything I have yet to purchase for my new apartment. It’s a growing list, as my wish lists usually are, but I’m hoping that in the next few months things with my job are going to progress a bit more and then maybe I can actually afford that new couch that is so badly needed!! Unfortunately a few things have been misplaced due to the move and because of that, I can’t seem to find my camera charger. As soon as I have it though I promise I will post pictures of the new pad. It’s just too cute not to show off. =)


Sara said...

This made me very excited about my upcoming roadtrip to Seattle - we're doing all of those things in South Dakota and I can't wait!

Christi said...

You'll love it, seriously! It's a gorgeous state!

Derek said...

Wow..I didn't know you were going to Sturgis! Very cool. I bet it was a GREAT time.

Christi said...

It was, it was!!! Thanks =)

The Wannabe said...

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ps; that looks like SUCH a great time!

See you around!

Michael Manning said...

Christi: So happy things are truly coming together with the apartment. And STURGIS! I have the perfect bike for you. An FX Soft Tail. Unfortunately, they run $18K. But that's what I see you riding! FUN!!!