Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do You Want To Know What Is....

Sad: I haven't stepped foot into a bathing suit all summer. Not once. Not even to try one on. That hasn't happened since the year of my birth...when I was too small to wear a real swimsuit and when wearing one wasn't necessary because your ridiculously huge and sagging wet diaper was enough coverage for your 1 year old bottom.

Unsettling: I have had a little over a thousand visitors to my website in the past month and yet I guarantee I don't have a thousand comments. I doubt I even have half of that. In fact, I've never even seen the likes of some of the people that my little meter says frequents my blog. HELLO! YES YOU...IN NEW YORK...(and you in San Francisco)...I'M TALKING TO YOU! WHO ARE YOU?! I'm Christi, nice to meet you. Now please comment so that I know you're not just one of my many stalkers. Because lets face it, I'm interesting.

Awesome: I got mad props at work today for my event planning abilities and I'm now getting requests from additional managers wanting me to coordinate their events as well. Horray for doing a good job at my job.

Pathetic: I have spent about 7 of the 8 hours that I have been here at work playing on Facebook. Please don't be jealous of my coolness. Please pretend like I am still doing a good job at my job.

Exciting: I'm going furniture shopping tonight. I can't afford a new couch, but I need one. I currently have two pillows on my living room floor playing the part of one couch. They're not comfortable, and they're ugly. That's reason enough.

Adorable: My neighbor Tracy's Siamese cat wears a huge pink bow around it's neck. And he's a boy. I love big gay cats.

Boring: My day. Which is why I am writing this blog post. Because lets face it, there's only so many hours you can spend on Facebook. The rest must be filled in with eating, blogging, and daydreaming about the vacation that I am definitely not taking.


Farrah said...

If it makes you feel any better, I had plastic lawn chairs as my living room furniture when I first moved into my place. After a few months, I broke down and went to Ashley to buy a couch, and ended up buying four other pieces of furniture as well so I could get free financing for a year. Shopping for a new place is so much fun!

Christi said...

I know. I'm really looking forward to the Labor Day specials coming up. I have a feeling my apartment is going to get a complete makeover this weekend.

Bruce Dierbeck said...

By posting a comment, does that violate the terms of the restraining order?!

Erin Nevicosi said...

I like this post.

Good job at your job!

And dude, I think WE'RE going to Ashley to look at furniture this weekend, too! I've never been furniture shopping before and I'm verrrry excited.

Christi said...

Bruce: the terms of said restraining order can be reevaluated based on my love of blog comments =)

Erin...HAVE FUN SHOPPING. I hope I see it before but if not, can't wait to see the new digs on the 20th...of OCTOBER.

Michael Manning said...

Christie: That's one thing I can honestly say. I've never been a "Lurker" at your website. It's always fun to stop by. I laughed at how you described those two pillows--"cast in the role as". You almost sounded like my Blog's "Friday Movie Suggestion Night"!! :D)

Karen said...

I'm also taking a vacation I'm definitely not taking. Where are you going?

Mentle said...

I'm going to respond to all points, because it's Thursday night and I'm seriously bored.

Sad: I'm with ya. And I can't even find a suit that fits. This is why you shouldn't cook in your only bikini that fits - because when you burn a hole in it you are SOL.

Unsettling: That's just creepy. But also, why didn't anyone ever read any of my blogs? I feel like such a loser.

Awesome: Do they need more employees? We're looking to relocate.

Pathetic: Yup, I've noticed you're on there as much as me. Good work!

Exciting: I'm jealous! I love furniture shopping.

Adorable: While I think my cat is straight, I'd love to put a big bow on him.

Boring: You said it.

Christi said...

Mike: I dont' mind lurkers. In fact, I'm flattered that people care enough to stop by every now and then. But at least make your presence known ONCE...then lurk away =) I do appreciate your participation on this blog though. It's great to hear your feedback!

Karen: I'm headed to the tropics where I'll sit in a bungalow on the ocean with only sheer white curtains as my windows and a big huge king sized canopy in the center of the room. And I'll be in my swimsuit...all week.

Mentle: Why the H are you cooking in your swimsuit again?

Mentle said...

I was laying out on my deck after work one day catching some sun, and when Vin got home from work I started making dinner without changing into clothes. Worst.Idea.Ever.