Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dinner Conversations with the Andersons

Meet my family:

Mom: What is it that they say determines your porn star name?
Dad: First name and….
Mikey: No first pet and first street name
Christi: I’d be Merby…mom what was our first street in Burlington?
Mom: Meadows
Christi: Oh yeah, Merby Meadows. That’s hot
Mikey: I’d be Chocolate Karyl no wait, Keisha Karyl
Christi: Are you a drag queen?
Mom: I’d be Tippy Lions
All: complete laughter.
Christi: Seriously, that’s awesome

Christi: I seriously can’t help picturing a pregnant woman having sex because it’s just absolutely 100% certain that at SOME TIME she had sex!
Mom: Christi, who thinks about that stuff.
Christi: I also think about famous people pooping
Mom: Gross Christi
Christi: What like you honestly don’t think of Brad Pitt sitting on the toilet.
Mom: I don’t care what he does!
Mikey: YEAH! Like Britney Spears pooping. She does! It’s gross!
Christi: Seriously mom. You’re weird.


Michael Manning said...

Christi: I have one friend who comes up with these sort of questions. 'Can you see so and so doing...' I ask her, "Where did THAT come from?" Funny!

Erin Nevicosi said...

Christi, I just laughed out loud REALLY hard at this post. I do both of those things, too!!! I totally think about famous people pooping. I like to remind Dave of all the hot chicks who poop.

And I think about pregnant ladies having sex, too. Like awwww, man, I know what you did!!!!!


Christi said...

hahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one =)

I do it at weddings too. Oh yeah, even your's and Dave's...."They're SO going to do it tonight" =)

Farrah said...

I showed my mom the moves I learned at Miss Pole! "This is the princess pose, this one's called love your leg..."

(Disclaimer: my mom used to teach aerobics, so...)

Christi said...

haha that's great! Are you liking it so far?

Farrah said...

My 4 weeks came and went already! It was fun though. I wish the classes were less expensive. Next up, I might try Hip Hop somewhere.

Christi said...

ooohh if you find a good class let me know...i'll totally take it with you. That's one that I've ALWAYS wanted to do. How fun!

Farrah said...

That would be fun! I do know of a few places, but I'm trying to keep it on the cheap. I'll keep you posted.