Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And End to my Birthday Week

I wish I could turn 25 every day! After a weekend like I just had, it makes waking up on a non-eventful Monday morning a harder-than-normal task. The weekend began with a 12:05am text message Friday morning, reminding me that for the last 5 minutes, I had been 25 years old. 25! I thought maybe it would affect me a bit more that I was no longer in my early twenties, but to be perfectly honest, I’m thrilled to be 25. I’ve made it through a quarter of a century of living. That’s pretty awesome considering about 200 years ago, I would be considered lucky if I lived to see my mid-twenties!

The rest of my Friday was followed by a number of phone calls (my favorite being the tearful conversation on my way to work), Facebook and Myspace messages, text messages, and flowers and presents at work. For lunch one of my managers treated me to Hectors, a Mexican favorite of mine, in honor of my birthday and that brought up the evening where I met my mom for a few hours of shopping at Mayfair Mall. I arrived home close to 8:00 where my dad had opened up a 25 year old bottle of wine and was waiting to toast in celebration. We toasted, sipped, and made sour faces as we realized you CAN over-age your red wine, but it was cool to be drinking a bottle of wine that was as old as me anyways! After a glass of wine, and some singing around my ice cream cake, I retreated to my room as I was exhausted after both a hard week at work, and an emotionally draining few days. I called it an early night, opting for a quiet night in and fell asleep around 10:00.

I awoke on Saturday bright and early and spent the morning hours running errands around Burlington and eagerly awaiting the arrival of 4:00 when I could begin getting ready for my birthday bash that evening. By 6:00 I was on my way to Milwaukee to meet Katie D. for some pre-party drinks at Kenadees.

My parents were the first of the guests to arrive with my friend Schiller following close behind. The five of us had a few drinks downstairs at the bar, then made our way to the upstairs loft that I had rented out for the evening. Within the next few hours the remainder of my dear friends trickled in and thanks to our private room we all had an opportunity to relax, drink outside of the crowd, and catch up.

After a few drinks us ladies got up and danced a little bit and then the party began winding down around midnight. Those still up for a little bit more headed to Buckhead Saloon for some end of the evening dancing and the night was laid to rest around 2:00 the next morning. I tucked in two very drunk Katie’s into their King sized Pfister hotel bed and drove my birthday butt home for some much needed sleep.

And that was it. Sunday brought about the end of my birthday week and I spent it hung over and tired. I don’t feel any older, but I can definitely tell that I’m getting older as my body takes much longer these days to recoup after a night of drinking.

But it was well worth it. I’d turn 25 again any day!
See the rest of the pictures HERE.

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Michael Manning said...

It looks like a FUN birthday, Christie! Thanks for sharing these photos!!!