Friday, September 01, 2006

Weekly Shoutouts

  • TARA RAE! She FINALLY came out!!! HORRAY!! It has been a long overdue occurance and I am so excited for her to finally share in this part of her life with her family.

  • Autumn. It is well on its way and I have to admit I'm ready for it. As I drove to work this morning I was honestly thrilled to see the leaves begin their yearly change to orange and red. I am sad to see the Summer end, but I know that in 7 VERY long months, I'll get to go through the re-growth process all over again, and that makes me really happy!

  • Harley Davidson for giving me an interview on September 13. Here's hoping!

  • My Aunt Jackie, for sending me a card that made me bawl my eyes out. I am truly blessed to have a close-knit, ever accepting family.

  • Nicky...I'll miss you roomie =(


Michael Manning said...

Nice to read this. Your posts are always great! Have a Nice Labor Day!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Christi, thanks for visiting and leaving such encouraging words! They were truly appreciated!

Love your blog... I'll be back.