Monday, September 11, 2006


In a world where entertainment power houses profit on a nation’s suffering, and “remembering” has been reduced to magnetic ribbons on our cars, I’ve found it hard to figure out my own personal way of paying tribute to so many loss of lives during this 5 year anniversary of 9/11. As luck would have it, I randomly came across a blog which had dedicated itself not only to remembering the victims of 9/11 as a whole, but to remembering each individual, by name…all 2, 996 of them.

2,996 bloggers were assigned a different person and were asked to post a tribute to their specific victim. I was thrilled to receive my name in my email inbox and I spent numerous days researching his name and his life, trying to get the best sense I could as to who this man was in his years before the terrible tragedy of 9/11. With each article I read and each picture I saw, his presence began to feel more real and I found myself crying for his loss, many times. For the first time since the attacks, I somehow felt personally connected to an individual and I knew that the other 2,995 people felt the exact same way.

Today, I remember Herman Sandler who according to his obituary was a loving husband, a devoted father to three, a role model and mentor to hundreds of young people. He was a generous and caring man, devoting much of his time and money to Sting’s Rain Forest Foundation and in smaller projects such as the Tibetan Peace Garden in London. His memory is not forgotten, and the kind words of remembrance can be found all across the World Wide Web. As I close my tribute to Herman Sandler on this five year anniversary, I’d like to leave with words from his closest friends and family. Today, Herman is not just another number…he is remembered.

“I will miss his company; I will miss trying to amuse him just to hear his infectious laughter. He imbued New York with his vital life force, and it’s a smaller apple without him. We will always remember him.” Trudie Styler and Sting

“To our best friend who filled us with a passion for living and the inspiration to carry on. We will always remember and love you.” Melvin, Helen and Jack Heller

“We will miss you, your knowledge, enthusiasm, generosity, humor, and most of all your friendship. Our deepest sympathies to Suki and the family.” Jackie and Mort Ackerman

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Herman Sandler, 57


Erin said...

He looks like a nice man. :( Great post, Christi - I wish I would have known about that blog! I'll have to revisit it and read the tributes.

David said...

God comfort and bless the Sandler family. strengthen all America for what lies ahead. Jesus hear our cry.