Friday, September 15, 2006

Another Weekly Shoutout

I think I may just make this a regular post =)

* Katie K. HAPPY 30TH!!!

* Flashback Fridays on 94.5 WKTI. I love singing along to them on my drive to work in the morning.

* The flying V! Although it signifies the coming of colder weather, I can't help but stare in amazement as I watch the birds flying high overhead, in that all too familiar manner. And in my amazement, I can't help but wonder: WHAT the H makes them do it, WHERE do they go, and HOW do they decide what birds get to go and which ones have to wait for a different V.



Erin said...

hahahaha Who the heck knows. It's a mystery of nature.

And thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad you're comin with me! :)

sage said...

I love to watch those geese in their v's as they fly on over, for unfortunately too many of them stop at the park right down the road from my house, which has several ponds and lakes and plenty of geese dodo! Here from Michele, encouraging you to keep shouting.

Theo said...

lots and lots of energy here!!

Michele sent me.

Michael Manning said...

It's always funny to look over at someone sitting in a car at a stoplight singing like their life depended on it. I find myself switching FM stations just to see what they are singing. Must always be a CD because I've never hit the jackpot yet. One of these days I will and then I'll toot the car horn and do my "Karaoke at the Steering Wheel Bit". Maybe I'll sing into my Bic Pen and she'll look over and crack up! That would make my day!!!