Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life Update

I have nothing of substance to post about today. I just figured I was well past due for an update.


Besides seamstress issues, things have been great here at the store! We're anxiously preparing for the Fall 2006 season (I know it seems way too soon doesn't it?) and I've been up to my ears in preparations for our summer/fall store promotions. You won't hear any complaints from me though...I love it! My only complaints arise when our seamstress can't seem to do her job right, and our brides get pissed at us as a result. I sometimes wish I had the authority here to just hire and fire as I saw fit. This seamstress would be OUT OF HERE in no time! But alas, I must hold my tongue and hope my mom does what she knows is best for the store. She knows what she has to do.


I hate how it takes death to make you appreciate life sometimes. A close friend recently lost her very quick battle with breast cancer, and has left us all feeling just a bit sickened, a bit frightened, and a whole lot more grateful for our own personal health. It is such a mind-numbing experience to know that one day you can be at work, chatting away with co-workers as if nothing in the world mattered, and the next day you are being told you have 6 months to live...and you only get to see two of those. It just goes to show how important regular examinations are.


Oh yeah, I'm broke. Sing it with me all. Maxed out Credit Cards, bills due, no pay date in sight. It's a joyous time to be alive =)


Heather and Eric are getting married on Friday!!!!! HOLY HELL!! I just got my dress back from my seamstress. She altered it for me so that it wasn't a long dress, but instead a tea length.

(Side Note: Can I just gripe about etiquette for a sec.? Who the HELL made up the "rules" for weddings? MOH does this, MOB can wear this, MOB can't wear that, attendees can't wear this....WHY? Since when does a party have so many damn rules?!)

I was obviously told by a few sources that it is seen as improper to wear a long dress to a spring/summer wedding because then you'll blend in with the bridesmaids (god forbid). So, whatever, I'm not going to start unecessary drama at my good friend's wedding. So I sucked up the extra costs and hacked it all off. So Heather, you'll be happy to know I will not be blending in with any of your bridesmaids (although now we're both wearing tea length so you tell me the logic here) =) I'm obviously being quite sarcastic and a bit mello-dramatic. But hey, I'm way excited about my new Michael Kors sandals to go with it! A long dress would just cover those up!!


Without any success, I have been trying repeatedly to acquire my mom's Laryngitis. There is just something slightly sexy to me about having a rhaspy voice for a few days. But, no such luck. I'm stuck here with a healthy voice.

Aside from that, my numerous doctors appointments have gone perfectly! OBGYN-Check, Dentist-Check! Okay, so the dentist didn't go AS well. I ended up having to have a root canal a few days ago but other than that, I'm a healthy girl. Horray! Now if only I could get my shoulder to stop acting up!


heather said...

seriously, there is no drama for our wedding. you could wear a purple pimp suit with a cane and a feather in your hat as long as our friend is there and having a good time we could give a shit what you wear. But, yes, the bridesmaids dresses are tea length so that logic doesn't make sense. I am so excited to see you and have fun on Friday!! love, heather

ps. how's my dress?

Christi said...

Your dress is fabulous! =) We brought it back down yesterday to let it hang a bit and then Melinda comes in tomorrow (our Master steamer) so she'll whip it into shape and it'll be ready by Friday!!!!!

Amanda said...

I hear ya about the money, honey!

And I have just one thing to say about wedding "rules" - they've been around for a long time, and are very important to some people. I was at a wedding where the bride was truly offended because someone wore a dress that she felt resembled a wedding dress a bit too much. (Crazy maybe, but true). But in general, I personally think that people really should consider a few things when applying wedding rules. And the first thing to consider is the bride and her style, and the style of the wedding overall. If you're going to a big, fancy affair, then I think that wedding rules should be followed precisely. But if you are going to a more laid-back, casual event, I say throw the rules to the wind and have a time with it! I really think it depends on the wedding, because nowadays, they aren't all the same anymore. And that's my two cents on the matter. :)

And lastly, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's always hard to lose someone in your life. And I agree - it's unfortunately that it takes something drastic to open our eyes and really see what is important in life...

Erin said...

I hear ya about money, too.

And at least you have a dress! Here it is Wednesday and I'm still dress-less. (yes, I know just shut up about it, Erin.)

Heather, your purple pimp suit with a feather and cane comment made me laugh. I might have to end up wearing something like that! haha

heather said...

Good idea on the rules amanda!! but you guys know me and that stuff is not important to me!

Christi... sorry to be so self-centered there. I am very sorry about your loss.

Christi said...

Awww, heather no not at all! I just appreciate the comments in general =)