Friday, May 26, 2006

Hints of Summer...everywhere!

As I sit here at work, eating my lunch, I can look over to my right and see the M&I Bank’s time/temperature gauge blinking 75 degrees. If I look further past the bank I can see a mother walking her dog while pushing her young son in a stroller. Behind me, the faint chipper of baby birds can be heard as the mother Robin, who has declared our tree right outside our store door her home, feeds her young who have only hatched days ago. Through the store a warm breeze blows, and it occasionally carries with it the scent of lilacs from the bush just outside our doors. Cars with carriers strapped to their hoods prepare for a weekend getaway in the great outdoors and next door men and women are coming in by the dozens, picking up last minute flower arrangements for their Memorial Day Weekend get-togethers. Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. The kick-off to summer has begun!

I, unlike my fellow peers, will be spending the majority of my weekend here at the store, but I am anxiously looking forward to Monday where a barbeque with my two best girls awaits. There is nothing like 3 of my favorite people in the world, a grill, and plenty of sunshine to kick off the summer. I cannot WAIT for the season to arrive!!

90 degree days
Cabby top down
Summer drinks at outside cafes
Lake Michigan
80 degree nights
Warm thunderstorms
Las Vegas
Camping and campfires
Rides on my dad's Harley
Wine on our front porch
Flip Flops
The Ice Cream Man!
Bustling Milwaukee streets

...and I'm sure there's many more.

So today, as I sit here with my diet coke, I put up a toast to the M&I Bank's 75 degree declaration today. *Cheers* to everything that is summer. I definitley can't wait.


Erin said...

YAY! What a happy post!

So we're on for Monday - great! But did we decide whose place? We'd love to have you guys over - we just got a new grill and we have lots of games and I love having people over. :) But if you'd prefer to have it that's ok too! We can take turns! I'm excited!

And it's funny that you posted about the ice cream truck because I posted just now about the ice cream truck driving around my neighborhood today!

Hooray for summer!

Erin said...

I'm confused. My comment is here but on your post it says 0 comments. Hmmmm.