Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hollywood Superhumans?

On my day off yesterday, I decided to relax on my couch and browse through a few pages of my roomate's "Us Weekly" magazine...a magazine that I rarely pick up on my own these days. I had heard through the grapevine that Britney was in deed pregnant again, and the radio has been buzzing about something regarding Richie Sambora and Denise Richards, so I decided I should probably catch up on my celebrity gossip, for conversation purposes of course.

I was floored when I read THIS!

Is it really newsworthy that Jennifer Lopez is gray? Is it really that hard to comprehend that Hollywood royalty really is human after all?

I did a Google search just to see how much of an impact this topic is having on the world and I came up with over 87,000 sites related to Jennifer Lopez, and her graying hair. 87,000 different people care enough to discuss this topic. In fact, it has even stirred up so much commotion that Jennifer Lopez's rep had to comment saying "Jennifer is not gray". As if a public statement regarding her human nature was even necessary.

Jennifer, I salute you for showing your human roots. I commend you for giving your hair a break from it's consistent dye jobs (as if I should talk). Maybe you should embrace your humanity! The rest of the world will learn to accept it. I promise.

To the rest of the world, stricken with grief over this terrifying news, it's time to bust out your boxed dye and get rid of those roots! If Jennifer Lopez can't get away with it, there's no way in hell the rest of us commoners can get away with it. I just wonder if they'd be as interested to know that my mom has been mostly gray since before I can remember. Hell I'll put out a public statement for her too!!

Kudos to UsWeekly and Jennifer Lopez's rep for promoting such positive values to the world.

I now remembered why I don't read those magazines =)


Anonymous said...

WHO CARES! Must be nice to have enough time in a day to google about this topic. ANd nonetheless, blog about it. That magazine writes about stuff like that; if you don't like it, don't read it.

Christi said...

It is nice actually to have the extra time in a day, it makes coming to work all the more enjoyable; just as it must be nice for you to have extra time in your day to leave pissy remarks on people's blogs. Isn't life great! =)

Thanks for the anonymous comment! I always appreciate them.

Erin said...

I think there are people who troll the internet looking for posts by pretty people. They're so consumed with jealousy and bad feelings that they have to get it out somehow!! I can't FATHOM judging what anyone wants to post about on their own personal blog. That's the point of blogs - you can say whatever is on your mind!!! Give me a freakin break.

Christi said...

Yeah well the double edge sword to that is while I can post whatever I please, people can freely comment however they please as well.

Oh well =) I had a few minutes yesterday and was a bit disturbed that the world cared so much that Jennifer Lopez was gray. I just had to comment about it.

People are fine =)

Amanda said...

I don't really agree that people troll the internet and leave nasty comments because they are jealous of a pretty person...I think that they are bored and mindless and quite angry toward the entire world. I got a comment on my blog once that I know was from just such a person - angry at the world and needing to vent anonymously about it for some reason. To be honest, it makes me a little more happy with my life knowing that I don't need to get my venting out on other people's blogs!!

I do totally agree that a blog is one person's place to say whatever the hell they want to say. I have blogged about really stupid things before, but who cares?! It's my blog, darn it!

ok, ANYWAYS, I totally agree with you that it's crazy that people care so much about gray hair! It's nuts how much people care when Hollywood celebrities face things that we normal people face every day! I like this post. Nice to know more normal people.

I'm off to read my Life & Style now...

Christi said...

haha rock on Amanda. Well put.

Enjoy the Mag ;)