Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yes, I am a work-a-holic

When I took this job at my mom's store I never dreamed I would actually treat it as my full-time career. I know that is an absolutely terrible attitude to have, but I just never considered this all very permanent. I assumed this would be my one year gig, to make some things happen on my resume, and then get the hell out of here! But the past 7 months have turned into something rather different. I've been here from the beginning, shared in the profits, shared in the losses, and shared in tears of seeing your first bride walk down the isle and say "I do" in the dress she purchased from YOU! And as time goes on, I find that I'm treating it less and less as just a resume booster, but more and more like my career. It sure makes coming to work much more satisfying when you look at it that way.

With that said, I've definitley been taking pride in the marketing and events that I've been creating for the store. So far since our opening I have created numerous marketing efforts including an HR campaign which has been highly beneficial so far, mailings, fashion team creation, advertisements in both print and tv, and in-store promotions. On top of the marketing efforts, there have been a number of events I have organized all adding to my credibility as a professional =)

This weekend I spent emersed in more events, and more work, leading to the belief that I truly am a work-a-holic. I worked this weekend, but had Sunday off initially to enjoy a day of relief from the chaotic week I encountered. Instead of enjoying that day off however, I scheduled a Fashion Preview event in New Berlin, WI for the High School girls of the area to come and preview the entire Spring 2006 collection, before it all went on sale. My mom and I thus, packed up the van late Saturday night, and drove to New Berlin early Sunday to begin setting up for the event. Overall we had about 15 girls there with their mothers and we sold 3 dresses!!! Horray!! *cheers* to success!!! It was great, and we really got our name out there. Hopefully we secured more spots at our Prom Fashion Show as well.

Although I didn't get to enjoy my Sunday off, I was still excited for a day off on Monday to take care of the necessities around my apartment (laundry, dishes, etc) but of course I instead found myself perched at Starbucks for 4 hours, working on my bridal show choreography and event details. So much for days off right?! I want everything to be perfect though, and unfortunatley that means a lot of hard work. I've had a lot of offered help though, so that'll definitley come in handy as the weeks wear down.

In other news, my mom and I received some fantastic news yesterday from Fox 6 Wake Up here in Milwaukee. We have been sending out a number of Press Releases to all the local media announcing our Essense of Australia Trunk Show, as well as our Bridal Fair all coming up next weekend. Fox 6 was one of the contacts we had and they called us yesterday saying they want us to appear on their Wake Up show on Friday the 20th to do a Fashion Preview of our dresses. It'll include a live fashion show as well as a 4-5 minute interview and who gets to do the interview...ME! Horray for TV =) So make sure to look out for me. It'll be shown around 8:40 AM they said. I'm very excited that everything is coming together.

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Erin said...

Fox 6 Wakeup - how cool!!!! I will so be watching you! You go, girl!

I'm really excited to be in your show at Geneva National. I'm sure it will be fabulous, since you are working so hard at it. I'm proud of you!

And by the way, I am not overdramatic. I'm gonna email you now. K bye!