Friday, January 06, 2006

Working Hard...or Hardly Working

You would not BELIEVE the number of calls I get from woman who are at work, searching for bridal gowns and planning their wedding. Is this really what consumes a brides mind, even while they're at work? I'm sure their employers would be thrilled to know that they're checking out the latest "How to" on the, or perusing thousands of dress styles on Essense's website, while on their dime. And it's very satisfying to know that certain people, I as a consumer rely on to be doing their job accurately, are really just sitting behind a computer fantisizing about their little "All about me" party.

And while I'm at it. SINCE WHEN DID MOTHERS SHOP FOR THEIR DAUGHTERS?? Wasn't that something we did when we were 5 and couldn't pick out items for ourselves? I've gotten at least 5 calls in the last half hour from MOTHERS looking for a dress for their daughters. Yeah sure, they're helping, but if you're too busy to be planning a wedding....why are you planning one?

No, I'm not a bitter non-bride, and please know that I truly am happy for you. I just don't get it. It's supposed to be a celebration of your love right? Then why all the fuss? And why for the love of god must life revolve around it? I guess to me, if it were truly all about the celebration of love, the ceremony would exist with you, your spouse, your parents, and close friends and family...then go out and get bombed together =)

But it's just something much different these days...for a lot of brides.

And that's my crabby rant for the morning.


Erin said...

"fantasizing about their little 'all about me' party" ...

Yeah you are cranky today!

Do you ever do anything besides work at work? I bet you do sometimes.

And don't tell that when you get married, you'll get together with just close people and go out and get bombed. You will have a big, lavish affair, just like these girls are having, and you will love every minute of it - and every minute of planning it, you planning queen. And it will still be about your love and commitment to your husband/wife.

So blah to you. =)

Christi said...

I'm not arguing about this.

You can assume all you want how my wedding "will be". And that's cool.

But I still don't get it. And it's not the lavish affair I was speaking of. Hey, if you have the money throw a kick ass party. Invite me while your at it =) It's the bridal mindset I don't get it. As if finding THE DRESS suddenly overtook every life priority or having the perfect table settings somehow proclaims that you'll make it past the 49% divorce statistic. I don't get it. It's the fuss of it all...not the actual act of.

You KNOW you know these girls that I'm speaking of so don't even try to fight me woman =)

Anonymous said...

even as a bride myself i get you. i took one afternoon to find my dress, loved it, and bought it. i took one morning to get the girls dresses and shoes, done. i am planning ahead and no stress has hit me yet. i am excited about celebrating our love and commitment and of course i want it to be beautiful because as corny as it is.. our love is beautiful but that doesn't mean it's all about me or that i need to be in a panic about it or it's all i need to talk about. it's great and it will be fun but my life with be my marriage not my wedding!! i get you lady. be crabby all you want.i wouldn't want to deal with those crazies and their mothers!!!

The Veganista said...

I agree about the whole bridal fuss thing. It's just too much, and it's all about the material things- the dress, the cake, the invitations. If I ever get married, I want it to be a simple affair. I can't even fathom spending (tens of?) thousands of dollars on one event- there are much better uses for it.