Monday, December 19, 2005

So THIS is Christmas Season in the Bridal Industry

I always know that I've been slacking on my blog updates when I receive a little message in my email inbox saying "Time for an update", signed always with love by my dear friend Erin. It's nice to know someone's always around to keep you in line =)

Things have been extremely slow here at the store. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the last thing on most bride's minds is not a wedding dress purchase. Unfortunatley for us, this means no business! In this period of customer drought, I have managed however, to keep myself busy as I have three shows to prepare for in January as well as a Fashion Team to keep motivated!

Our first Fashion Team agenda was to shoot a commercial to be aired at the Plaza Theatre here in Burlington, WI. I enlisted the help of Hair Works Salon here in Burlington to do the hair for our shoot and I was thrilled that they were willing to provide a free service, in exchange for a mention in our commercial. Thus at 3:00 on Thursday, 20 of my girls headed to the Salon for their Prom updos, and I met them at the WinTV Media station at 5:30 to go over wardrobe assignments.

The shoot went better than I could have expected! The girls were so excited to be helping out and the energy really was portrayed in the shots we got. I turned on some music to help keep the mood light and fresh and instructed the girls to just "have fun". The shots Jim got were great, and I'm excited to head back this week to oversee the editing process with him.

Oh! I just realized many of you may not know what my Fashion Team is! I sought after 25 girls from the local area high schools, to help me in a number of promotional activities for Christy's Bridal and our Prom lines. Activities they'll be helping me out with include advertisement, distribution, mailing lists, and of course...modeling. We meet about twice a month and discuss different marketing techniques as well as go over their required assignments for the month. So far it's been working out really well. The girls are great!

The rest of my weekend was pretty low key. Saturday Tara and I celebrated Christmas together by having dinner at Benihanas, and then a few drinks at The Pint in Milwaukee. It was a bust, as it most always is, so we opted for an evening back at my apartment.

And the work week returns but I'm already anxiously awaiting my three day weekend. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

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