Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas '05 Recap

I cannot believe that it's over. Christmas came and went faster than any year in the past and I fear that it's only going to gain momentum as the years progress. I cherish this season so much, and it's over faster than I know how to handle.

It was an eventful couple of days that's for sure. Erin and I started off the season with our traditional "Christmas Eve, Eve" in which we have a few drinks, exchange presents (she got me some really yummy smelling candles and a Starbucks gift card) and drive the streets of Candy Cane Lane. I look forward to it every year (although this was only our second year doing it). After our little Christmas tradition, we swooped by her apartment and picked up Dave, and headed out to Mantra for some drinks with the Bistro kids. It was a fun night, the music was lame, but I was entertained anyway. Dave, Erin, and I left around 1:30 to grab some late night/early morning breakfast and then I headed back to my apartment...only to be awoken at around 4:00 by a very drunk Nicky wanting to exchange Christmas gifts =)

Christmas Eve was spent at my Aunt Linda's house. It's my favorite night of the entire year. My mom and I showed up wearing our Santa Baby Christmas outfits, which were the hit of the evening that's for sure! The days festivities included pictures with my cousin's new baby, toe nail painting in my Aunt's heated floored bathroom, a tearful dinner, a cozy movie session to Charlie Christmas Christmas, a fabulous gift opening (my Uncle got me a Best Buy gift card and a slinky he he), and a loud obnoxious game of Scattegories.

Christmas Day we woke up to Santa's presents which included: new curtains for my apartment, bath stuff (a TON of it), a ton of gift certificates, a new digital camera, an I-Dog, Pajamas, a few DVD's, a book, a bunch of stuff from Sephora (my favorite store EVER), and a kick-ass bracelet/necklace thing. Oh and who could forget my ring from Tara!! After present opening we headed to my Aunt Miki's house for my Dad's side of the family Christmas.

It was a truly joyous holiday and I'm sad to see it go =( This week at the store will now be spent tearing down the Christmas decorations and prepping the store windows for New Years. *sigh* 362 days to go until next year!!!!

Happy Holidays All!!!

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Erin said...

And happy holidays to YOU! You look cute in your Santa outfit!

But ... what is an i-dog?