Friday, September 07, 2007

My Couch Arrived!

Yesterday, my couch arrived. Yes that one...the one to the left. And's not pink. It's red and it's fabulous!

I arrived to my apartment following work yesterday and excitedly ran into my new living room to see if that adorable little Steinhafels furniture piece looked as good as I hoped it would on the showroom floor.

And it does! It's a perfect size, perfect color, and it's 100% me! I'm so excited to begin decorating around it. I have big plans with no money, so I'm not quite sure how I'm going to accomplish it yet but I'll find a way. Believe me!


Farrah said...

I love it! It looks wide. My couch is so narrow I nearly fall off of it when I lay down on it. Steinhafels has great stuff. I wish I had gone there instead of Ashley. Next time :o)

Krista said...

It's still a pink couch in my heart.

Karen said...

Pink?! That's sweet - and totally you. :) Nice choice.