Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grrr To Cell Phones

In Orlando, I went into the pool. Actually, I got pushed into the pool. And I was holding my Kate Spade purse (complete with matching Kate Spade wallet), and those went into the pool with me. And inside that purse? My cell phone. Yes, that went in as well. All of us, into the pool, fully submerged by chlorinated, peed in water.


And now? I'm without a cell phone. For the last 4 days actually. It's both liberating and frustrating at the same time. I've been trying with no success to salvage what's left of my overly priced cell phone, but alas I'm admitting defeat in that area. My cell phone plan isn't up for renewal until December, which means my only option for a new phone is to either suck it up and buy a new one (which I don't really have the money for) or live without contact for the next three months.

Believe me, that last option is sounding better and better each day.

Thankfully, my dear friend Amanda here at work had an extra cell phone for me to use, and generously saved my life by offering it to me until my plan expires. My next hurdle? Get the damn password to unlock the stupid phone from Cingular and Motorola.

"A response will be sent to you in 4 - 7 business days" Grrrrrrrrr!

Oh and by the way. My purse? She's fine. A little wet, but generally okay.


Farrah said...

I gasped outloud when I read your purse got wet. I would have been furious!

As for your phone, if you're within 3 months of your current plan expiring, you may be able to re-up now. My contract comes due next February (US Cellular) but when I stopped by a kiosk earlier this summer they said I could re-up in November.

jessie said...

I vote you give us the story on how it came to be that you ended up in the pool with all that stuff still on you.

Thanks in advance :)

Christi said...

The story: I was getting up to head upstairs and I had grabbed my purse when suddenly...I'm being pushed in. It was an accident, but an unfortunate one.

As for my contract Farrah, unfortunately that IS my re-up date. I don't think my actual contract is up until February or something. Sorry, should have clarified =)