Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Almost Home

The moving process has officially begun and hopefully by this evening, I will be out of my parent's house and into my very own. Thanks to the generous help of my family on Friday evening I was able to move everything out of my storage shed and into my new apartment and by tonight I will have all my furniture moved out of my bedroom at the 'renties pad in B-Town. I'm feeling a bit stressed as I obviously have a lot of unpacking and settling to do, but it's going to have to wait a few more weeks as I leave for the Sturgis Bike Rally on Wednesday of this week. I hate the feeling of being unsettled, it's not good for my chi. I need to feel settled, and centered otherwise my mood becomes irritable and I get depressed. Seriously. I just can't wait for all this work travel to be over with and all this moving to be finished so that i can sit and relax...and just be. Ahhh, the feeling of being.


Michael Manning said...

No kidding? You go to Sturgis! How cool. I wish I could go too!!

Christi said...

Yeah, I keep hearing how cool it is!! This will be my first Sturgis Rally so I'm a little excited =)

Karen said...

I know what you mean about getting down when you aren't settled. I get stressed! I always had a really hard time moving back and forth from Milwaukee to Minnesota for school. I would have to readjust each summer in Milwaukee and find a new schedule or system between juggling new things like work and such. Then I would go back to college and have to rework my schedule and try to get settled into life there again. It's tough. I hate it, therefore, I feel for you!