Thursday, July 26, 2007

Google Rocks

According to my new sitemeter, somebody wandered over to my blog because of this song lyric:

this time i'm going to let it all come out this time i'm going to stand up and shout i'm going to do things my way its my way my way or the high way

It's only natural a Limp Bizkit song would lead someone to my blog =)

Oh, and I probably should give Krista proper acknowledgement for this post idea. =)


Michael Manning said...

There's another song you can look up Christi, called "Look Through Any Window" that has this same hook. Kinda cool! I'm enjoying the new Bon Jovi CD!!

Sara said...

Great. I'm now singing "It's my way. My way or the highway" in my head. I may have to download that sound for old-time sake. Too funny.