Friday, February 09, 2007

Too many thoughts to combine into an actual post

My end of week thoughts:

Is it that far fetched of an idea to think that we as humans have had a drastically devastating effect on the earth and the environment? And why does this have to be such a political debate. Shouldn’t we all want to do something good, to keep the place we live clean and healthy?

I could never, in a million years, work in a warehouse for 40 hours a week. Mad props to those that can!

Friendships need nurturing, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

So do relationships for that matter. ALL relationships I guess.

Am I supposed to feel MORE sad about Anna Nicole Smith dying than I am say of the small child that was recently killed in my hometown, simply because she’s well recognized?

Getting paid for 25 hours of overtime that you spent in Orlando, Florida isn’t that bad of a deal.

I think it should be mandatory that every human being partake in some sort of Yoga exercise or meditation in the morning before they head to work. People on their morning commutes are entirely too stressed out to be driving…and sometimes they’re just mean. It hurts my feelings.

GWEN STEFANI is coming to the Bradley Center!! Who’s coming with me?!

And for that matter…what ever happened to that Justin Timberlake concert Jayne?

I spend way too much money, on too many unnecessary things.

I miss living next door to Jimmy Johns.

It’s funny how 12 degrees can feel so warm when you compare it to 15 below. Ah, the wonder of relative comparisons.

I love cinnamon, especially in the morning.

I enjoy getting up at 6:00 in the morning. I just wish my body felt the same way.


Mentle said...

I'm with you on the environment.
Ditto on the nurturing.
How much for the Gwen tickets?
Mornings are overrated.

Hi Christi.

Christi said...

haha thanks for the quick thoughts =)

I'm not sure how much Gwen tickets are yet. They go on sale Saturday.

HI MENTLE! (I'm going to say that as many times as I can until you're married off)

Mentle said...

You can say it even when I'm married. It still gives me warm fuzzies.

Dave said...

Honestly, it is pretty far fetched to think that humans can have such a dramatic effect on the environment. How did the world heat up from the last ice age when there weren't any fossil fuels being burned? Maybe it was methane from wooly mammoth farts.

It has to be a politcal debate because its all about raising money for the democratic party. The more they can scare us the more they can tax us for necessities. It doesn't matter to the Heinz, Gore, Clinton, Kerry, or Kennedy family because they have ridiculous amounts of money, but to the everyday middle class citizen like you and me its gonna suck when gas is deemed hurtful to the environment and then becomes $10 a gallon.

Its crazy to think that all this global warming hubub started up because of one ridiculous movie. Did you know that the bulk of "scientific evidence" for Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" came from one scientist? Guess who gave that scientist a $250,000 grant before he started work on his research? That'd be Al Gore. Interesting huh?

It's hard for me to really buy into this when there's absolutely no proof whatsoever. I mean there isn't even a consensus among the scientists studying climate change right now. Don't let the liberal media force this garbage down your throat.

Christi said...

Yeah, and god forbid we use OTHER sources of energy outside of our beloved oil. =)

Dave said...

Do you have any suggestions for a cleaner and cheaper fuel source? I know that ethanol blends are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. as they reduce the levels of carbon monoxide when burned. Though do we really want a huge percentage of one of our nation's staple crops(corn) being used as fuel when normal gasoline is abundant and is working just fine? You have to think of the monumental costs when considering a change like that.

Christi said...

What about exploring other renewable sources like solar power or wind power for that matter. I'm obviously just speculating. I'm no expert on renewable or alternative energy sources.

All I'm saying is that we give ourselves as humans a lot of credit for many other things in the world...why not this, especially with how much we've drastically put out into the environment in the last 200 years. And wouldn't the cleanup of the Great London Smog show how even just on a very small scale humans can affect the environment on a POSTITIVE scale. Why is it so hard to believe that we can't negatively affect it as well...and on a BROADER the WORLD! Maybe I am buying into polticial propaganda, but it just doesn't seem like that far fetched of an idea to me that's all.

I don't care if the global warming thing is bogus or not. Regardless of what is actually happening, the environment is an important issue, and yes maybe it took a movie to make people aware but they are aware now. People need something sometimes to scare them into doing something right and occasionally inconvenient.

Christi said...

haha I just realized you said wooly mammoth farts.

Child =)

Mentle said...

Since when did caring about the earth mean that you've bought into some political scare-tactic? Should I believe that the pink hazy glow over Chicago is just some lake-effect phenomenon and not smog? Dave, as I've already told your lovely wife, if you keep hating on the global warming issue I may have to come picket your front yard. I know how much you like picketers.

Mentle said...

Oh, and good morning Christi!

Dave said...

We already know about wind and solar power. Good luck hooking that up to your car or using it as a main source of energy for anything in some parts of the world. Would you want to be driving around in a solar powered car on a day like today in Wisconsin? I wouldn't. Again we use fossil fuels because they're effective, cheap, clean burning, and abundant. Why use anything else if there's no data suggesting that what we're doing is harming the environment?

And again yes it is ridiculous to think that we have that much of an impact on the world. Take for instance the example of Mt. Saint Helens in Washington which erupted in 1980. For 9 straight hours it shot insane amounts of soot, CO2, and carbon monoxide into the air. In fact Mt. St. Helens blew so much pollution into the air in that short 9 hour period that it actually totalled more than what was created during the ENTIRE Industrial Revolution. Makes you feel pretty small and insignificant huh?

Mentle, its become a political scare-tactic because the democratic party has made it that way. Why else would Al Gore fudge the numbers of his smoking gun "hockey stick" graph. Look it up. He kinda forgot about the mini ice age, excluded about 100 years, and used 2 seperate locations for his data and formed them into one graph. He also didn't include any information about Earth's southern hemisphere. It was northern hemisphere data only. Take a guess why he left that info out. Uhhh cause the southern hemisphere is actually cooling right now. Guess its not so global huh? Oh and what you're referring to in Chicago is smog. I'm not saying there is no such thing as pollution. Shit if you think that's bad you should check out Mexico City. Its overpopulated, there are too many cars and they're in a basin. Lung issues galore. The fact is that I'm not arguing that there's no such thing as pollution I'm just arguing that there's no such thing as global warming. You're talking about 2 different things here.

Now I'm not saying that I'm for people going out and buying Hummers and burning coal just for the fun of it. I recycle. I drive a compact car. I'm for conserving energy. Why waste? Though what I'm seeing now scares me on a completely different level. This is the government overstepping their bounds and telling us what they think we need and what they think is right for us. I love my liberties. I like the idea that I can go out and buy a Hummer, eat trans fats, and smoke if I so desire. Our liberties are what makes America great and as long as its legal I should be able to partake in those liberties.

Christi said...

Uy I'm exhausted. Stop arguing with me. =)

Erin said...

Ha ha my hubby sure gets worked up about Global Warming (or the lackthereof), doesn't he?

You have to admit, though, that you two liberals sure didn't have any good counterpoints for him. It sure is easy to make random statements - but it's good idea to have something to back them up!

Anyyyyyway - Christi I will email you back soon. Work and life have been insane the past week.

Christi said...

I don't know enough about it to argue. What I said was pure speculation. If I wanted to try and sway someone's opinion over something...I'd enter into politics.

Christi said...

There isn't anything to back up. I wasn't trying to win any argument. All I said was it doesn't seem like far off of an idea. I don't know enough about it to make any claims or try to sway anyone's opinion.

But thanks to Dave I have a million reasons to consider why it's apparently a ludicrous idea. =)

Erin said...

Ludicrous is a good word. :)

And good - he'll be happy because then he's done his job. He's making it his personal mission to let people know why he thinks Global Warming is total bunk.

haha bet you didn't think you'd start all that with your post.

Christi said...

haha well then I commend him in his efforts =)

Mentle said...

If I told you all I know Erin, you're mind would explode. I have to limit the amount of intelligence I share for the safety of others.

Seriously though, I just know that no matter what points I make or Dave makes - we will never see it as the other sees it. So I'm not going to bother with picking the fight by throughing stats at anyone. We'll have to agree to disagree. You can call it "a whale's vagina" and I'll call it "St. Diego."

Mentle said...

That should be "your mind" not you're mind. Please excuse my poor grammar. I blame it on having gone to grade school with Christi.

Dave said...

Don't forget "throughing" too. You messed that one up as well.

"If I told you all I know Erin, you're mind would explode."

Seriously though if you know all of this grand knowledge please share some with us. And why downplay cold hard science? Is it because it proves that your theory is complete junk? The funny thing is that liberals always think they have the answers, that no one will disagree with them, and that everything is so simple. Saying that global warming is true doesn't make it true. I'm no mindless robot so you're gonna have to convince me with something other than junk science. Oh and just because Al "I don't practice what a preach because I fly a private jets all over the world and own 5 houses" Gore won an Oscar tonight doesn't validate shit about his movie.

Christi said...

Dave...seriously. We're done with this now.