Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Las Vegas, Round 5

In a city such as Vegas, it’s no wonder that it becomes a highly frequented city, considering all that there is to do there. In the five times that I have stayed in Las Vegas, I have managed to leave with a very different experience each and every time, and each time I find myself loving it more and more. I have had trips dedicated solely to drinking and partying in which I was given a thorough look at some of the fabulous nightlife that Vegas has to offer, while other trips were dedicated to the sole purpose of relaxing by the fabulous pool, to which I must say Mandalay Bay remains one of my favorites. I have seen shows, and eaten at amazing restaurants. I have shopped at one-of-a-kind stores, gambled in a number of different casinos, and walked down the strip with a beer in my hand. I’ve seen live music, I’ve ridden a number of rides, and I’ve spent countless hours relaxing in a number of different spas. Yes, Vegas is probably my most frequented vacation spot, and I can’t say that I’ve ever had more fun than I have when I go there.

This weekend I went back, this time in celebration of my brother’s 21st birthday and like every other time, it failed to disappoint me. We stayed at the Mirage (a first for me), where we spent a combined total of about 10 hours sleeping and about 60 hours partying and gambling. We partied like rock stars that’s for sure (my parents included), taking stretch limos to clubs, renting out VIP rooms, and drinking Grey Goose by the bottle. Who cares if we couldn’t technically afford it…we were in VEGAS! Some of us partied a little too hard. In fact, I ended up leaving early and carrying one of my brother’s friends home from RAIN one night because he was puking in our VIP room and was too intoxicated to walk on his own. I have to say that it was my first time ever being escorted out of a club by security guards.

When we weren’t clubbing, we were gambling, and the majority of us were winning! Hundred dollar Blackjack hands could be seen throughout our group of 13 and that came with both very big wins, as well as very big losses. My winnings were spent in the Forum Shops of Caesars palace where I treated myself to my first Kate Spade purse (and matching wallet/clutch) and a fabulous pair of Betsey Johnson stiletto shoes. Yes, I am a designer whore. I love buying myself something I couldn’t normally afford when I win money I wouldn’t have normally had.

Although we did party hard, the trip didn’t consist of a total drunken stupor. We managed to have a number of really good meals and I squeezed in a few naps as well as some down time at the hotel hot tub (it was too cold to go swimming). Overall I think it was a great trip, and I think my brother had a really great time! I wish the trip had been a bit more relaxing than it was considering I leave for Daytona on Wednesday for two weeks, but I suppose you can’t really expect that when heading to Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Looks like OnMilwaukee.com is in Vegas too:


Michael Manning said...

lol! I was there for 17 days and the highlight of my trip was meeting Rita Rudner backstage at Harrah's before her show. She is so hilarious. She said her shoe collection is so huge, but most of them are painful. So, when her hubby says they are going out, she asks how far they will have to walk! :)!! Glad you guys had fun!!