Friday, March 16, 2007

I Actually Liked This Chick Flick

Okay, so I lied. I really thought that my next post was going to be about the Justin Timberlake concert but then I realized there’s really nothing to say. He’s hot. That’s it. Instead, I wanted to make note of the fantastic movie that I saw last night – The Holiday.

There are two things to make mention of here first.

Number one, I never write reviews. I unfortunately am just not that opinionated of a person and even deeper than that, it’s really hard for me to delve into something and figure out WHY I liked something, or didn’t for that matter. I’m probably just lazy though. I’m sure I could come up with a few reasons if I really sat down and thought about it, but I don’t care enough to. It’s kind of like the question “What’s your favorite band”. A question that some can answer at the drop of a hat, or a coin, or whatever phrase you choose to describe a quick thought, but one that requires a bit of thought on my part. But that annoys me. So I’ll usually just give the cop-out answer of John Mayer or something...whoever is most popular at the time…and that will usually merit a smug comment from those that are above pop-culture and feel mainstream music is something to look down upon (since it’s those people that always seem to ask the “favorite band” question in the first place) and then I find myself in an argument trying to stand up for the over-played artists that I love. It’s exhausting. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Second, I LOATHE chick flicks. For whatever reason, I was not born with the girl gene that loves sappy movies. Actually since we’re on the topic, I didn’t develop a lot of the other girl genes: I’ve never pre-planned my family life (including the names of my future children), I don’t eat chocolate…not even when I’m PMS’ing, and I personally would be much more satisfied with life if Celine Dion would just stop singing…forever. She’s great don’t get me wrong, and I’m sure she’s a fabulous person, but when I hear her sing I want to put a pencil through my eye. Actually come to think about it, (No I didn’t put a pencil through my eye) I once lost a really great hat because of Celine Dion. Yes on I-94 actually, right here in Milwaukee. My best friend had begun blaring one of Celine’s intolerable songs and I over-dramatized my dissatisfaction towards her, sticking my head out the window to block out the sound and WHOOSH, off went my hat. I blame Celine. I loved that hat. Now I’m sad…and off topic.

Back to the movie.

As I said, I’m not a huge fan of chick flicks. I actually find myself really bored most of the time, and partially annoyed at how self-indulgent and whiney the girls in those movies can become. I put out enough self-pity into the universe; I don’t need to see it on the big screen as well! However, for whatever reason The Holiday really truly made an impression on me and as the closing credits appeared on the screen, I found myself unable to hold back the massive smile that was beaming from my face, nor could I hold back the ridiculous number of tears that were falling from my eyes. I was just warmed, in every place of my body. Warmed in that girlie sort of way that makes you love the thought of being in love and makes you appreciate all of it that you have in your life. Sure the movie isn’t an Academy Award winner, and there’s really no artistic depth to it, but sometimes it’s nice to see a movie that is put out there for the sole purpose of entertaining.

It absolutely succeeded in doing that.


Michael Manning said...

Christi: I'm not sure if this helps, but I learned this is Celine's last year at Ceasars Palace. Rick Springfield is in Wisconsin 4 nights I think. Now that concert is a BLAST--especially when you go with a group of friends!


Erin said...

I rented this movie tonight and just finished it. I loved loved loved it! It totally warmed my heart. Great chick flick. :)

Mentle said...

Both Vinny and I loved this movie. Maybe it's that we both like Jack Black. I found it lovely and enjoyed the ending.

P.S. Even girly girls don't like Celine from what I hear. I'm not very girly, so I wouldn't know, but that's the rumor on the street. ;-)

heather said...

I want to see that movie and i am glad to hear it is good. also, everytime i watch a movie with cameron diaz it totally makes me think of you. i swear you are identical!! it must be the good style, blonde hair, skinny body, oh yeah, and she's always shaking her little butt!!!

Christi said...

hahaha Awwww thanks Heather!!! It's funny how much I hear that from people (that I remind them of Camron Diaz). Too bad Justin Timberlake doesn't think so =)