Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Spontaneous Ski Trip

I am not a winter type of girl. In fact, I’m quite the baby once the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, and I just can’t seem to ever quite get warm enough. I spend many winter nights plopped on top of heating vents, perched in front of fireplaces, or just simply incapacitated under a blanket on my couch. I truly feel that my body is just not genetically engineered to handle the cold. But alas, amidst my extreme discomfort around subzero temperatures (read: slightly cold), I have a love of snow and all things associated with it, so I’m often able to fight through the deep chill that runs through my body 5 months out of the year, and get out there and enjoy winter!

Last night, my dad and I took a spontaneous trip to Alpine Valley Ski Resort in East Troy, WI to hit a couple of the hills and enjoy the first great snowfall of the season. I suited up in my brother’s old snowboard gear (I haven’t purchased any new skiing equipment for myself in a number of years) and headed to the hills with my dad. We rented some equipment (for such a spontaneous trip it was too much work to haul all of our own personal equipment to the resort) and plopped ourselves on the chair lifts.

It was BITTER cold out there, and the blowing snow that engulfed the ski hill was almost intolerable. I made it down about 8 times and finally after an hour had to call it a night as I was completely frozen solid. It was so great to get out there though. The fresh air and the speed of a Black Diamond slope is something I wouldn’t be able to pass up no matter how cold or uncomfortable I was. Even it was just for an hour

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