Friday, November 10, 2006

Melrose Nights....Revisited

Does anyone remember Melrose Place? That swanky drama about a bunch of 20-somethings trying to live in Los Angeles while sleeping with each other in the process!!! Who WOULDN’T miss that!

The DVD box set of Season One came out on Tuesday and for the past three days I have been engulfed in the dramas of my past. I’m reminded of Wednesday evenings in High School when my two best friends would drive over to my house and we would lounge around in front of the TV eagerly awaiting our Melrose Place nights. We’d pull out my big stuffed dog, fight for who got to lay on the fluffiest part of him, and chat while watching our favorite characters make out, break up, and then date their best friend.

Our Wednesday night get togethers were sure missed once Melrose Place was cancelled.

Through my years I had all but forgotten about Melrose Place, except for the random mentions of it during Pop Culture shows on VH1 or MTV, but then suddenly in a random trip through Target, I catch a glimpse of what used to be and I couldn’t help myself from putting down the $60 and popping it into my DVD player.

It’s a bit more lame than I remember it being when I was 16 but it’s fun to go back none-the-less. Now if only they’d bring Rainbow Bright back. My blast from the past may be very well complete.


Sarah M said...

Melrose, huh? I distinctly remember Felicity nights at Kiers', where we watched Felicity and Jack & Jill. Remember Jack & Jill with Amanda Peet? I friggin loved that show.

Christi said...

Wasn't it Melrose? I wonder if it became Felicity once Melrose was over becaues I distinctly remember watching Melrose (for at least a season) and then Jack and Jill =)

Awww, good times.

Elizabeth said...

I wasn't allowed to watch Melrose Place... damn my strict parents!

But, I am a die-hard Felicity fan and have every season on DVD... I love it! My college friends and I would get together and watch that show each week... I miss those days! So I totally know where you're coming from. : )

Erin said...

I wasn't allowed to watch Melrose Place, either. Or 90210. So I had to play catch up in later years. How lame.

Sarah M said...

I wasn't allowed to watch Melrose, 90210, or even Saved by the Bell. I had a deprived childhood. Look at how screwed up it made me ;-)

Beth said...

I don't think my parents let me watch Melrose or 90210 either. I watched 90210 when they weren't around. I love Felicity though and got Matt hooked to it too!

Sarah, we love the screwed up you!:)

Christi said...

haha I think I missed something by not watching Felicity! I'm very thankful for Box Sets =)

Tracey said...

SHUT UP!!! I loved that show!