Thursday, October 05, 2006

The up side of things

When I heard about the Blushing Bride fiasco I was stunned that a store owner could do something like that to her customers. In an industry revolving around brides and their special day, it hurt me to see so many at a loss…and in tears…as their wedding dates crept up on them. Hundreds of brides left without a dress, hundreds of dollars poorer…and no hope in sight. Luckily, they were wrong.

Since the story broke on Tuesday evening, I have been hearing nothing but horror stories turned miraculous as bride after bride is being offered a second chance to turn this whole situation around into a positive one. Salon owners have been donating dresses and taking on responsibilities of shipments so that these brides can receive their dresses. Previously competition, these stores are working together and putting profits aside to make sure these women get the day they have always envisioned having.

But it’s not only salon owners that are getting involved.

Previous brides are donating dresses left and right so they have something to wear on their special day and other companies are offering monetary donations to these brides to be used as a down payment on a new dress. Finally, tears of sorrow are turning to tears of joy as these brides receive the help they deserve.

I must admit, these past few weeks have really made me question the world…and humanity. With the abundance of school shootings and pedophilia in the news lately, I’ve found myself questioning literally: “What is happening to the world?!”. At night, I’ll just sit and stare at the TV, amazed that this is really the world I’m living in sometimes. What is happening to us? Do we have no regard for human suffering anymore? Are we that self involved that we only see our own personal motives?

After weeks of thinking we were doomed as a society, another unfortunate circumstance has managed to turn it all around and prove to me that through all the bad, the good will still flourish…and humans will still continue to do good things for others.

Thank you humanity.

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Elizabeth said...

1) It's amazing how when things seem really bad in the world, it just takes a little bit of good from a few people to totally turn the momentum around. Awesome, huh?

2) Thanks for being one of those people who helped changed the momentum. You are truly awesome. : )